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Welcome to the Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research.
The Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research is a scientific and educational non-profit corporation based in Washington State. Our primary goal is to build a world class pathology research facility and to provide facilities and funding for this research facility that will perform critical tree pathology and entomology research into the causes, control, prevention, and the eventual elimination of some of the invasive diseases that adversely affect the trees of our forest lands, shade trees and our fruit and nut trees.

To help accomplish this, we will build the Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research Center. This research center will not be a part of any university or college, therefore we will not have some of their funding problems. However, we may work closely with select university or college programs and with any other institute's tree pathology research program. Our pathology research facility will be developed into an outstanding research center to help find effective ways to safely control some of the most devastating tree diseases and to eliminate their effects upon our trees.
In addition, the Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research will work diligently to find safe natural means to effectively control or where possible, eradicate, some of the many insects that harm the trees of our forests, homes, business, and farms.

All tree pathology and entomology research work results may be applied to the forest trees, shade trees, and fruit and nut crop trees, everywhere well beyond our extensive Pacific Northwest forests and our extensive fruit, and nut growing growing areas.


"To bring together the top tree pathologists of today and tommorrow to create better healthier trees and forests through the power of science and education."


Our plan is to research, develop and build a tree pathology and entomology research facility and to find ways to effectively control and work to eradicate tree diseases and insects that adversely effects the health of our forest trees, shade trees and crop trees.
The Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research will design and build the Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research Center where advanced tree pathology and entomology research will be done. This research facility will be self supporting. In addition, we may provide assistance to select college and university tree pathology and entomology research projects. We will develope independent pathology and entomology research projects to research tree diseases and find lasting cures. We will strive to effectively eradicate the effects completely some of the most devastating diseases of our trees.
Our primary concern and of particlar interest is the effect that evasive or inported diseases have had and are having on our trees.


Each year millions of dollars worth of valuable timber and other tree resources are lost because of imported or invasive tree diseases and insect damages. It is critical that effective safe means of controlling and eliminating many of these invasive tree diseases must found and applied. In addition, we must find effective means of controlling harmful insects. Beside the commercial timber tree losses, private tinber land owners, christmas tree growers, fruit and nut tree growers, tree nursuries, and homeowners lose a significant number of heathy trees each year because of tree diseases and insect activity. This means money lost and a useful and needed resource not available for use.


Trees are an important renewable resource of our Earth. If you appreciate the natural beauty of trees and of our forests, and the warmth, strength, and durability of wood and other many tree products that we depend upon, you can help us to protect our timber trees, shade trees, fruit and nut trees, and to establish healthy forests and trees for future generation's natural resources and food needs.

Three tree diseases that we must erradicate completely are the diseases that are called:

  • The Dutch Elm disease (Ophiostoma ulmi and O. nova-ulmi) that effects the American Elm trees (Ulmus americana)
  • The Chestnut blight ( Cryphonectria parasitica, formerly Endothia parasitica ) that effects the American Chestnut tree (Castanea dentata).
  • The Butternut Canker ( Sirococcus clavigignenti-juglandacearum ) that effects the Butternut tree (Juglans cinerea).

These three diseases were brought into our forests from other parts of the world. And they devastated these trees before they could build up a proper defense to the disease.

Join Us! We need your expertise, help and support! Join the Washingtion Institute of Dendrology Research team. Your contributions may be tax-deductible, and are always welcome and needed.

Understanding and controlling forest tree disease through pathology research and entomology research.

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